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There really hasn’t been enough analysis of the red band trailer and how they easily proliferate on the net for views by any demographic. And even if adults find them acceptable when not at work or when kids aren’t around, what can be said when a trailer is done for a younger demographic with starring actors below the age of 18? No matter that most of the cast of Kick-Ass 2 are well into their 20s, Chloe Moretz is still an unbelievable 16 years old, despite looking more than old enough to handle any mature material.

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But when you have a main character with a superhero moniker containing the profane initials of M.F., you know that this film trailer is going to be raising a lot of eyebrows. When it’s especially marketed to a younger demographic who aren’t allowed to see it, it’s easy to see why the first movie became the second most illegally downloaded movie of 2010. It may be the same for Kick-Ass 2 when most thinking parents wouldn’t take their kids to see a movie with that much violence or profanity.

What of all red teasers, though, and their easy accessibility on the net? Are red band trailers being overlooked as the potential hook into the younger demographic to see a film they shouldn’t? There’s also the shift the Kick-Ass 2 teaser will have on where else movies intended for younger demographics may end up going.

Yes, we’re almost at the point now where green band trailers will no longer be paid attention to based on the thought they’re too tame. Only trailers for superhero movies tend to be green band trailers that get the most buzz, thanks to comic book violence being readily acceptable in the mainstream. Although how many movies from every other genre do you see with trailers now ending up going viral?

While we can’t necessarily say the family film genre is stagnant, it’s nowhere near where it was in a different era when Disney dominated the market. Only Pixar through Disney manages to provide truly great family experiences twice a year.

But the temptation is likely there with Kick-Ass 2 online to make edgier films for a younger demographic. If they can’t put sex in such a film without having a social rebellion or a stifling NC-17 rating, it’s the violence and language that seem to be a new catharsis for those under 18. The fact that the first film was criticized for having too much violence and profanity with a young cast, doing even worse for the sequel seems to fly in the face of public outcry.

It’s because enough of a substantial audience was still there to make Kick-Ass enough money to earn a sequel. Said audience may be the ones who openly play videos because they’ve become such a mainstream offering. Those same people may also be the ones who secretly resent having teasers for teens, yet contradictorily never conduct a boycott as many who complain about violent media threaten to do.